I am NOT “Super-Mom”

Talking with different mothers, it’s comforting to know that we all have busy schedules, not enough time and at some point feel like all we can do is keep our head above water.

I am not a super-human, superhero or mutant with any type of special powers, so why do I think I have to be Super-Mom? The title I have bestowed upon myself is actually “Queen of the Mom Guilt”. Where does this come from? The need to have a perfectly clean house, organized closet, garage and any other storage space or immaculately clean car. Why do I feel like I’m so far behind if my refrigerator is a mess and I have laundry piled so high we could give name them? We live in an 1890’s farmhouse, so that has cured a bit of my OCD, because everything is always a project, and there is always a project to be completed. But how did I get here…this desire to be Super-Mom? And why do I feel so frustrated and guilty when I don’t live up to my own ridiculous expectations?

Could it be social media? Am I constantly comparing my life to the lives of others, or what is portrayed on social media? Is it an insecurity? Do I honestly think that I’m not doing enough for my family? Is it media or pop culture? Do I truly think I can be just like the mom’s depicted on TV or talk shows? Maybe it’s my own Type-A personality and OCD that just won’t let it go already? Ding! Ding! Ding! We’ve got a winner, but I think it’s more of a mix of things.

I’m pretty sure to be Super-Mom I would need a…

  • live-in nanny (maybe two)
  • daily cleaning service
  • chef
  • personal shopper
  • in-house laundry services
  • secretary
  • handy-man
  • pool boy
  • 3 tutors
  • 1 baseball coach (must also have football, cheerleading and wrestling experience)
  • dog groomer
  • youth Pastor
  • career that only requires me to work 2-3 hours a day

If I had all those services or professionals living in our house, I think I may be able to pull of the Super-Mom role quite well. I would only have to focus on loving my kids and enjoying my career. Since I highly doubt this house is hiring, I’ve got to rethink this Super-Mom role.

In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths. Proverbs 3:6 (ESV)

 I need to remember to pray over my daily tasks. I need to look at my to-do list in the morning, be thankful for these opportunities to serve and ask God for his help.

I need to stop looking at other women and thinking that they have it all together, because in talking with other moms I know that they too struggle to fulfill the same Super-Mom role.

Dear Heavenly Father,

You have promised to make my path straight. Forgive me when I focus on the details and overlook the big picture. I thank you for the opportunities that you have placed in my life and for your guidance and encouragement, as I go through the day. I know I am not “Super-Mom”, but with your help I can be A super mom to these beautiful children that you have given me. Thank you for the reminder that life is not a rehearsed production, but rather a balancing act to be enjoyed and shared.

3 thoughts on “I am NOT “Super-Mom”

  1. Geraldine Walsh says:

    Absolutely! I struggle with this too! I put pressure on my self to have everything in order when it really doesn’t have to be. I’ve started delegating! I can’t do everything myself


    • mamamonstersite says:

      Yes! Delegating!! My kids are constantly asking to go somewhere or have a friend over. I put a list of jobs that I do as the mom of the house on the refrigerator, and have explained that if those jobs are done, the answer will be yes. 🙂 They hate the list!

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