Day 14: Marching through the Storm

As this winter storm descends all across the eastern half of the country, people who I consider friends and some who are as close as family are preparing to take their place on Capitol Hill this week. They will walk in the snow from building to building, telling the lawmakers of Congress their personal stories – triumphs and losses –  to increase support for colorectal cancer research and to remove the loopholes that prevent early screenings.

882560_4500638634815_1092248043_oFour years ago, Chris and I took our daughter and joined Fight Colorectal Cancer for Call on Congress. For my husband and me, it was a chance to share my story with the lawmakers of Ohio and make it personal for them. For our daughter, it was a chance to meet many other children who had similar stories – a parent diagnosed too young.

Work obligations and hospital stays have prevented us from rejoining our friends on the Hill recently, but one day we will be able to return again. Until then, we support this cause and our friends – bringing awareness to the lawmakers who can choose to positively impact colorectal cancer research and access to screenings to prevent this awful disease.

Today, I ask for your help. Please take a minute of your time to sign this petition. It’s a little late for your name to be added to the petition that will fall on the desk of our lawmakers on Wednesday, but it will be added and that petition will be used throughout the year. We want more funding to raise awareness and we need Congress to remove those insurance loopholes that prevent early screenings.


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