Day 19: Lighten the Mood

This week has been quite a downer…too many friends have been affected by cancer – death, surgery, treatment, tumor growth and/or new diagnosis. Before I even began treatment, a friend of mine called to remind me of Mathew 11:28.

Come to me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Today, I started my day off praying for friends and having faith that all will be well in God’s hands. From the broken-hearted to the physical challenges, God will heal and lead the way.


And now, I interrupt your regularly scheduled blog for a good dose of humor. Life before irrigation was very unpredictable! I really had no control over when, where or how fast my colon decided to empty. I have had explosive episodes in a Walmart bathroom with a three-year-old working hard to hand me baby wipes to clean up my own mess. Once in the card isle of Target, Chris looked in alarm and said – “Hey, babe? There’s something on your shirt and you may have a leak going on.” It wasn’t a leak. The seal had pulled away from my skin and it was more like a break in the dam. That little opening left me running to the car to get out sight from the public, as the dam let loose down the front of my pant leg.

But I think my husband’s own story takes the cake! We were on vacation and I needed to change the bag before we headed into the Lego store with two very young Lego enthusiasts. Before we headed into the Lego store, we quickly grabbed trash from the car. I placed the opaque bag on the pile of snack wrappers and fast-food trash to be thrown away. Almost as fast as I put in on the pile, Chris took it off the pile. I thought maybe he just needed two hands to throw away the trash.

A few hours later we returned to the car with a small fortune of Lego’s and three exhausted children. With all children buckled and snapped into car seats, Chris emptied his pockets on to the driver seat before getting in. My eyes went directly to the opaque bag and my voice came out like a shriek! Why do you have that bag?! He said – “I thought it was your bag”. Shrieking and laughing I tried to say, “Yes. It is my bag. My bag of poop that needed to go in the trash!”. His eyes were huge and I immediately started laughing hysterically. Not really laughing at him, but at the fact that he took the bag off the trash pile, because he thought it was a spare bag that I may have needed. I had no idea that he put that bag in his pocket. We were in the Lego store, the food court and I’m sure at least five other stores and he was carrying a bag of poop in his pocket! I couldn’t even look at him without crying in laughter. For the rest of the day, I would randomly break out in laughter and think…he carried my poop!

Ok – back to the originally scheduled colorectal cancer awareness blog. Colorectal cancer is on the rise in young adults. While this is nothing to laugh at, life after cancer is not always easy, but it can be quite comical too!


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